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We do not offer refunds for any except the most dire circumstances.  

We will go to almost any length to make you happy.  

Once we have your site up and running, we are going to be together for a great while.  


DNS = Domain Server

You need it to connect your domain to your website IP address

For our hosted sites, we use nd

Both are needed to be registered with who you got the domain name from.

It takes anywhere from 2 hours to 72 hours for full propagation.  


You just start your subscription and once paid, we start it off.  We leased enough space to handle 250 accounts and we have more available as we grow.  The servers are in Dallas Texas, so pretty central to the USA.  

Once paid, we go to our whm app and put in your needed info which includes the domain name you chose.  WHM then generates  a cpanel for you that is alredy to use.  AIt also generates a user name and password that you will recieve in an email for cpanel and ftp.  We already have the packages built for the three we offer here.  We both then have to wait for the DNS to get complete before more steps to be taken.  If you opt for Joomla, we will install it for you and optionally install akeeba Admin Tools + Akeeba backup.  Those have proven valuable for safety over the years.   You can then start adding your content and images to make it truly your website.  

We try to help for a few hours on helping you get set up with the basics and solving problems. After that, we will offer paid services for a fee.  It is low cost at $15.00 per hour.  We plug it into a timer so we don't overcharge you.  

If it is a problem to do with hosting, there is never a charge. 

YouTube has videos for just about everything you or we would need to do and a great source for beginners.


Secure Socket Layer(SSL) protects secure and private information while it is traveling from entry to a database or on sent emails.  
Not all sites need this, but Google says they do, so now, sites without SSL are treated badly.  Since we offer it free, it simplifies the whole process.  

We supply comodo SSL which is very good and a great reputation. It generally starts up within 3 days of a new website begins.  It is automatically updated periodically.  You will get notified on updates.  

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