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Af-hosting will be changing the Billing and signup processes

Af-hosting will be changing the Billing and signup processes on our Joomla website here. At present, you sign up via which is a biling system from whmcs. We pay a yearly fee for that service. We are changing that so we no longer have to rely on the whims of whmcs. We have whm that is where the acuwl hosting is at. Whm is set up to create and maintain(to some degree) the cpanel you would use for your site. We will continue using whm as it is necessary for the basics. Only sales and billing will be handled in Joomla.
While making the changes, we will be doing the account setups by hand and will continue that until sometime late summer 2018. After thorough testing, we will take it live.
Sign up will send information to whm to create the cpanel and space for the sight chosen. Dates are widely used for sign up and Billing. When a subscription expires, the hosted space and site will be taken down automatically. We will still maintain the prescence for another 90 days before the account is erased.
This should cut our workload, costs and make all of it simpler and easier for our clients
This will not affect current hosted accounts except for billing should get easier.

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