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Terms and Conditions

All sales are final.  Once the site is up, your money becomes our money.


We honor your privacy above all else.We do not share info with anybody with the exception of law enforcement with a valid warrant.


Bad language and off colored sites are not allowed for any reason and coul easily result in your site being dropped off the system.

When and if you use the forum, please do not offend other users.  We do monitor the forum since it is one of the quickest ways for all of us to see issues and help those in need.

Any other, that you are not sure about, please ask us,.  We try to be as easy as possible.

Note:  You can get a domain name at other sites for possibly less than we can provide them.  That is very acceptible. is a good source Just be sure the Domain Name Severs are set to ours.  our name severs(DNS) are:

Domain name servers generally take 12 hours to be useable, but can vary from 1-72 hours depending on internet conditions. 


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